Roots, Rock,

Reggae   & Surf Music

24/7, from the Gulf Coast


Beach Hits Radio


Beach Hits Radio is a digital radio station streaming live from Pensacola Florida. We play Roots, Rock, Reggae, & Surf Music by familiar artists like Bob Marley, Jimmy Buffet, Don Ho, Jack Johnson, Beach Boys, Beatles, & so many more.


Streaming 24/7 from Pensacola with Beach Music for the Gulf Coast & Coastal Communities all over the world.


Connect with Area Businesses that love to serve Locals and Tourists that are searching for services along the

Gulf Coast.


Deliver your branded message everyday to the website visitors who want to support those who help to provide our website and the music stream!

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Best way of enjoying your favorite hits either lounging by the water or just daydreaming as if you were!!!


My favorite radio station.... Just click link and press play... Beach Hits Radio

Lee Anthony

Hi me and my family are huge fans of the station we never miss a show we love it from lee beet and the beet family listening from Birmingham u.k ?

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